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Chernobyl tour with SoloEast!

February 22, 2019

Had a fantastic time with SoloEast tours to Chernobyl today! Our guide Tania Was fantastic! Answered all of our questions, gave us lots of time for bathroom breaks and looking around on our own, and she showed us extra sites when time permitted. Lunch was excellent and all times were met with departure and arrival. Will continue to recommend SoloEast tours again and thank you again Tania!


Chernobyl - SoloEast Travel

February 12, 2019

The Chernobyl trip with SoloEast Travel was excellent. It is most definitely recommended. The tour guide Tanya was very knowledgable and answered all questions. Once in a lifetime experience! Thank you!

Thomas C

Great job komandir koleha Igor and SoloEast - many Thanks!

February 6, 2019

We were the group of friends who decided to visit Chernobyl with Solo East Chernobyl Private Tour from Kiev and it was very good decision. Everyone of us was really pleased with visiting this place and with the tour itself. My overall impression about SoloEast – everythig was very proffesional since the very begining. Starting from contact with the office – responses were very prompt and accurate, thru making reservation/payment process and tour organization. I can say only good words about this company. When it comes to our tour guide on the tour day this was Igor – our komandir i koleha;) Very engaged, positive and proffesional person. He showed us really cool iconic places and described each one in a very interesting way. He shared big portion of history with us and make our tour really cool that we spent in a good atmosphere. My personal experience about Chernobyl and surounding area – before visiting this place I was wondering how does it look in real. I saw some movies earlier but to be there and see all of this turned out to be really valuable experience. From my perspective I can recommend visiting Charnobyl with Solo East. Good job komandir koleha Igor and SoloEast – many Thanks!


Birthday visit

February 1, 2019

Great day. Driver very knowlegble and happy to answer the questions we asked. Lunch was very good. Would recc this company, quick booking and answered my emails quickely. Thank you for a great birthday trip. Emma

singlefemale1979 Stafford, United Kingdom

Amazing experience!

January 29, 2019

It was an amazing tour! Our guide Tanya was excellent. She explain everything so good and also she answered all the questions we had. (Although we didn’t speak too much hahaha). She was all the time looking for our safety and our confort. The food was also good, I liked very much. I have to say that bought the tour with a spanish audio guide, but when I arrive I decided not to use it, and I thought it was a good decision because for my surprise her english accent was perfect!! I recommend everyone to do this tour and hope you have her as your guide because she was great!

carmenlopezroberts Madrid, Spain

Totally cool trip 🙂

January 18, 2019

I went on the tour on my birthday and it was definitely one to remember! Our English speaking guide Anastasia was very knowledgable and even gave us a book to keep about the history of Chernobyl with photos and stuff which was pretty cool. The mini bus was at the meeting point in Kiev 10 minutes early and our driver I think his name was Alex, did a really good job of driving us round safely on the icy roads all day. We watched some documentaries on the drive there, and after stopping to visit a ghost village we stopped for lunch in Chernobyl town. The food was nice and filling for the long day in the cold weather. My favourite part of the tour was visiting the abandoned town of Pripyat walking around the old school, gym, and swimming pool and looking at stuff that was left behind was really interesting ! It was an amazing experience altogether and the snowy forest looked beautiful even if it is radioactive ! I got loads of great photos, thanks for an awesome day 🙂

mikew8235 New Forest National Park Hampshire, United Kingdom

Andrew is amazing

January 7, 2019

Everyone knows something about Chernobyl. Any disaster with such horrified implications tends to leave a mark on history. But Chernobyl is different. It has struck a chord with us somehow, and has become the inspiration for countless media and art, allowing us to venture off into fantasy worlds This wasn’t a fantasy world. This place exists. Are all the depictions in pictures and media true to life? Something out of a post apocalyptic movie? See for yourself. But first, you have to get there, and you can’t go at will. You need to book a tour. I booked mine with SoloEast, the oldest tour company that provides tours to the exclusion zone. Upon arrival at the meeting point, the Kozatskiy hotel, I was greeted by my guide Andrew Vasylievych. Once everyone else arrived, we departed for Chernobyl, which is about 2 hours from Kiev. Upon arrival, we entered the first checkpoint, where they check your passport and entrance ticket. Once confirmed, you’re allowed in. Upon entry, you notice a TON of stray dogs Our first stop was a kindergarten. When you walk in, you can just feel the desolation of this place. I’ve never seen anything like it. Children’s beds with toys left behind, books, dolls, and even Soviet newspapers, just sitting there for the past 32 years. While there, Andrew used his Geiger counter to test the radiation levels outside. Needless to say, the soil is STILL pretty contaminated. After that, we were provided lunch, consisting of soup bread, chicken, and salad. This is included with your tour. From there we entered the 2nd checkpoint From there, we went to the giant steel structure that houses reactor 4(the one that exploded). The fog was intense. Andrew showed us before and after photos in terms of what the reactor looked like, as well as teaching us about the radioactive mass in the basement of the reactor, called the Elephants Foot. This is deemed the most radioactive spot on earth! From the reactor, we entered the abandoned city of Pripyat, where we explored an abandoned cafeteria with stain glass windows still intact, an amusement park that NEVER got to open, a sports complex, and the infamous swimming pool. We didn’t get to visit the hospital because there was way too much ice on the stairs and railings. Safety is paramount in the exclusion zone. Our final stop was to Chernobyl 2, a secret military base that houses the decommissioned Duga Radar, During the dying days of the Cold War, the Soviet Union built an early warning detection system to listen out for NATO and U.S. ballistic missiles. This was used for that. The fog added a creepiness to the scene. This thing is MASSIVE! Upon exit of the exclusion zone, you enter radiation detectors to check your radiation levels, then we drove back to kiev. A 12 hour day that was packed with history, great photo opportunities, and an amazing guide. I highly recommend everyone visit Chernobyl with SoloEast. Andrew is a phenomenal guide, hysterical and knowledgeable. When you go, tell him I sent you 🙂

Leroy T

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever done!

January 5, 2019

Everything about this trip went smoothly! The company was very good with answering every question I had and the booking was very easy and straight forward. Our guide Nazar was wonderful, he showed up on time and was very nice and great at making us feel safe during the entire tour. He spoke great English and was very knowledgeable about Chernobyl, Pripyat, the entire exclusion zone and was able to answer the questions we had in detail along with just being a fun guy to talk to. He made sure the trip was everything we’d hoped it would be and it was a great time.


Beyond amazing!

December 28, 2018

I researched for a good few weeks and chose SoloEast based on reviews. They didn’t disappoint in any way. I’d also watched various Chernobyl videos on YouTube and had seen that Igor was really impressive as a guide. It was lucky we had him as he was funny, informative and accommodating. SoloEast were solid as a company but Igor really made our experience what it was. He knew an insane amount about the places we visited and kept us chipper despite the cold. I’m a really harsh reviewer (see my other reviews for proof) but I think it’s important to give credit where credit’s due. I couldn’t recommend these guys (mainly Igor) enough!

IceChillington Bath, United Kingdom


December 11, 2018

The tour was super organized and my guide was Nazar he is amazing. The experience totally worth the money and time. Want to go back already.


Great tour

December 9, 2018

Beautifull tour guided by great guide Andrew. Andrew showd us many interessting places and described all details what happend. Simply perfect tour.

Tomáško M

Excellent tour, 100% recommend!

December 2, 2018

I joined a group tour on 11/28 and our guide was Tanya. She was very responsible and knowledgeable, you can just ask her anything and she will explain all the things in details. And the tour was very safe and everything was in order, I suggest you guys should watch the documentary on the way to Chernobyl, you will be completely involved in the tour. We went to couples of iconic locations, and had free time to take pictures and walk around. I took a very interesting history lesson in Chernobyl, it was informative and superb with Tanya’s explanation. Thank you very much!

Eddie Lee

Great Chernobyl day trip!!

November 28, 2018

Had a great trip to Chernobyl, Pripyat and other places in the exclusion zone. Really enjoyed the whole day, very educating and informative about the disaster, the abandoned cities and the future! Thank you our guide ANDREW for a great day. You answered all our questions anf made the trip very enjoyable. Well recommend day trip. Book it!! 🙂

cbamford1973 London, United Kingdom


November 21, 2018

Very professional, well organised, reliable and informative. Excellent day trip would highly recommend SoloEast to anyone wishing to visit.

GHunter19 London, United Kingdom

Amazing experience with an amazing Guide

November 15, 2018

Such a fantastic eye opening experience seeing what devestation can be caused by humans. I did this tour alone and was made to feel included the entire time, my guide Andrew was so good, he met me and and the others on time and we set off on our journey on a clean comfortable mini bus. Andrew was bursting with enthusiasm and knowledge that he was very keen on sharing with us which was exciting to be a part of and really captured my interest. Along the way we stopped for toilet breaks and if our next one wasn’t for a while Andrew would let us know. We visited many memorials across two passport/security checkpoints, stopping off for photo opportunities, high radiation areas (red forest etc) and of course the site of Reactor 4 and Prypiat then last a stop at the jaw dropping HUGE Soviet radar Duga! As mentioned above Andrew was full of knowledge and could tell us pretty much anything and everything, he also made us laugh and made sure we were all ok and told us that if we had any questions to not hesitate to ask. I would highly recommend this company as they provide me with such a professional yet friendly and fun day. Thank you Solo East and a big thanks to Andrew.

Charles E Stevens

Chernobyl two day tour

November 10, 2018

I highly recommend this company. Firstly I requested to change from one day trip to two days and the office staff was very helpful and sorted it immediately. The tour guies were Tania and Igor made this trip into and unforgettable experience. The information they gave could not have been any better which had been obtained from experience and talking to the locals. The guides were also so friendly and made the group get on well together. They even joined us chatting after the dinner. The time that our flight was leaving meant that time was very thight to get to the airport but one of our guides kindly arranged a taxi for us so we could get to the airport on time. We cannot thank this company enough for an amazing experience and would highly recommend them! They are the best

Beata K

Great guided tour

November 3, 2018

Tour from Kiev Excellent tour with guiding from Vika and driving from Alex, video in the bus to show us the history and what was happening prior to us getting there, took us through the day providing the right level of guidance, both informative and entertaining where appropriate. Food in the restaurant was good. All round a very good trip.

Stuart P West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Tania and Nazar, wonderful day!

October 23, 2018

Our tour was Oct 16th. This is something we both had been looking forward to for a long time. Tania was a great host! Nazar was a great driver, and very helpful. The tour was timed very nicely, the lunch was amazing. Victor in the office was very helpful, as we had to reschedule our first date the week before. Highly recommend SoloEast!



October 19, 2018

I went to Chernobyl with my friends not for the first time. But this time it was so amazing. We had a lot of fun,specially with our tour guide Vika. Ask for her.! We have been there for two Days and still not seen everything we like to see. Next year we will go again with her. I can’t wait:D

Wylerrico Canton of Thurgau, Switzerland

Facinating excursion with good tour company

October 10, 2018

First good thing, pricing. Next? It’s a minibus tour, so no more than about 15 people on a tour (we had 14). The guides were informative and very knowledgeable with excellent English skills. They pick you up right on Maidan square so it’s all quite easy. Be sure to pay the few bucks extra and rent a radiation detector for the trip.

choppes1 Eugene, Oregon

Exceeded my expextations in every way

October 7, 2018

We went to Kiev to see Chernobyl. We booked at Solo East because of the good reviews and are very very satisfied with everything. The booking process was smooth, almost impossibile to miss important information as adding your passport number to your reservation and they were very clear about the pick-up place. We were picked-up at 8:00 by Vika and Alex in an very modern Mercedes sprinter, it looked brand new and was very comfortable. We were with a group of 17 people in total. The trip to the zone is long, but they show some documentaries that make time go faster. They also stop at a gas station, very convenient because you can get some snacks there and use the bathroom. Entering the zone feels like entering a movie. We had lunch (not just a sandwich, but soup, chicken (or port or vegetarian) and even a small dessert! We were advised to use the bathroom at the lunch spot because there are only 3 stops during the whole day with ‘nice toilets’, meaning non-Soviet style (believe me, you don’t want the Soviet bathroom experience). Our excellent tourguide Vika showed us the nursery, powerplant, prypiat (including an awesome visit to a rooftop of district 5) and the duga. She knew so much about the area and the disaster and was happy to tell you all about it. This way: thanks again Vika, you were awesome! We now booked a 1 day tour and this exceeded our expectations in every way. If we ever are planning to go again, we would go for the 2-day tour. It was a very long day and due to the traffic jam on the way back, we were back in Kiev at 20:30. But! Go and see this, you’ll never forget it. Thanks Solo East!

Merel v Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Seeing the true scale!

September 25, 2018

Was very sceptical about visiting Chernobyl but had an excellent adventure, history lesson and got to see first hand the devastation caused not just by the accident but the attempted remedial work thereafter! Our guide Anastasia was superb and provided us with all the information we needed or wanted. Visitors will have differing experience of sadness at what happened but also awe at how the people are striving to make things work again. All round great trip and although not everyone’s cup of tea I struggle to see that most will not at least enjoy some part of the tour!

andywardell Skegness, United Kingdom

Just wow....

September 18, 2018

Went to Kiev on a lads weekend away and this was one of the activities we decided to do….it did NOT disappoint!!! Igor, our tour guide, was friendly and welcoming not to mention the absolute ton of knowledge he has about the place! It was without a doubt one of the most interesting things I have ever experienced and is something to tick off the bucket list! If you go to the Ukraine, this is a MUST!!!!

Brad R

Fantastic Trip!!!

September 14, 2018

I visited Chernobyl on this one day trip, which I booked in advance online. I travelled alone, but joined six others on the bus. Our guide was excellent. She spoke good English and was very knowledgeable in answering questions and showing us highlights around the various stop off points in and around the exclusion zones. The collection and drop off was exactly as described. The mini bus that took us to Chernobyl was very new and in great condition. It also included an informative video of the incident that took place, which gave a great insight into the history of the activities that occurred at the time and the efforts to make the site safe since then. This also helped pass the 2-3 hour journey time from Kiev. Altogether a very well organised trip, which I would highly recommend.

salehaullah Birmingham, United Kingdom

Exciting and well organised

September 8, 2018

Chernobyl Two-Day Group Tour from Kievю I was very happy with this tour. The company were very professional and the guide Vika was very adventurous and interesting and one of the best tour guides I’ve met. I really enjoyed the tour and found the place to be fascinating. Travel and hotels were fine too, and they were very fine with my being a vegetarian for food purposes.

Ian M Stockholm, Sweden

Different adventure

September 5, 2018

First of all I would like to say that SoloEast Travel is the best choice for the trip to Chernobyl. The services are very good, our guide, Tania, answered all our questions and the lunch was great. Going in bigger groups than 10 persons can be annoing at some point because some guys can be very rude and behave very stupid in a place that happened a national tragedy. Personally if i would choose to go second time at Chernobyl I would choose the 2 days tour ( to have more time to explore the area) and I would do that on winter or late fall, because when it’s green, Prypiat is not so ghostly 🙂 But definetly I would choose the same travel agency. You guys are doing a great job!

Alex and Marius

Life changing experience

August 30, 2018

Chernobyl, Pripyat, Duga and overall the Zone have unique atmosphere. Today we finished our One Day Trip. It was great, just amazing. Tania was our guide, or stalker we can call her 😀 10/10 just amazing trip

BimbawZ S , Slovakia

Fantastic experience

August 22, 2018

The tour went really well. Igor took me to the most incredible places. He picked me up on time and show me around longer than any other tour guide that we saw on the way. He is full of knowledge and he showed me some secrets than you only see with a private tour. I definitely recommend Igor.


Top class tour

August 15, 2018

This tour was everything I had hoped for. Really did not expect it to be this good! Our guide, Tania, was just perfect! Really good English, amazing knowledge about everything – every question got a thorough answer! We saw a lot and got a good overview of the zone. Would’ve even wanted to stay longer and see even more but this time we had to do one-day trip. MUST DO tour when in Ukraine, would even like to do it again one day although Pripyat is disappearing into the nature more and more every day and not really sure what’s left of it after 10 years. Thank you SoloEast for top quality tour and professionalism! We really enjoyed it!

Georg Mirek K Tallinn, Harjumaa

What an amazing trip

August 13, 2018

Our guide, Tania, was impressive. She was a wealth of knowledge and could easily discuss about pretty much everyhting. When she started discussing about history, physics, radio waves, frequency, amplitude and so forth and could answer all my technical questions I decided I wanted to marry her 🙂 Jokes apart, she and the rest of the team were just fantastic. Organisation, schedule, food, safety, information during the trip to the site… all was top class. So, definitely advised to anybody wants to take

Dario C Brussels, Belgium