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Solo East Chernobyl 1 day tour

December 14, 2019

Absolutely outstanding tour. The tour bus was new, clean and comfortable. Our driver and guide , Pasha , was a very careful driver especially with the road being quite bad in some places….don’t go with a hangover!! Pasha was very knowledgable about Chernobyl and the surrounding area, and answered all questions from the group. We were a small group and in early December it seemed we were pretty much the only ones there. He was very patient and let us explore as long as we needed. The food for lunch was well organised and really nice food. There is plenty of toilet stops if you need them. Pick up was on time and easy to find. I highly recommend this tour and guide.


Bitter sweet tour, but simply amazing.

December 10, 2019

I went on this tour in December 2019 – winter. I’m so glad I did, the tourist number for this day was about 200 – in the summer it’s in the thousands every day. We were lucky, it was a beautiful sunny day, albeit a bit cool, but that was ok. The tour went ahead exactly as planned. We visited Chernobyl town (had lunch) Duga-3, and a 1.5 hour walk around Pripyat which was quite an eye opener. We also visited reactor 4 and was within about 400 metres of it – it’s huge! We got a lot closer than I thought we would. Our female tour guide was incredible, was able to answer all questions put to her. She made it a very interesting and pleasant day. Don’t hesitate and waste time looking at other companies, this one is great and did the job well.

Craig3006 Melbourne, Australia

Perfect day

November 11, 2019

A huge thanks to Constantine our guide & Sergi our driver! Highly recommend this tour. Perfect day, Learnt & saw so much, more than we could have imagined. Very friendly, warm, helpful. Our guide kept us smiling throughout the day. Plenty of breaks along the way & lunch was generous.

Kristy F

Chernobyl, Pripyat

November 9, 2019

I had no real expectations for this trip. I did it because my travel partner wanted it. It was wonderful!! Thanks to our guide Diana and our driver Alex:). It was a long day, very well organized. The videos on the bus were great, so helpful for educating ourselves. The lunch was delicious. No time was wasted on any part of the trip. I would highly recommend this tour. The tour of Pripyat was just incredible!

Marie W Johnstown, Pennsylvania

A life-changing experience

October 27, 2019

Let’s start with the most important feature of our two-day trip: Alex Liudvikovskyi. This young man was the guide for our two days (a group of 9), and he is a credit to his family and to the operator, SoloEast. His enthusiasm, knowledge, insight, sensitivity, intelligence, kindness and wit made a special trip entirely unforgettable, and if you are thinking of booking a visit you should (1) only ever sign for the two days (the one-day cannot hope to cover the territory we did), and (2) ask for Alex. I’m sure the other guides are fine, but this chap could not do enough for those in his care, and he worked his socks off from the first moment to the last. So: thank you Alex. The rest is simpler: don’t read too much about Chernobyl before going, and certainly do NOT look at other people’s photos or the HBO series, if you can avoid it. This is a unique experience, for which you cannot prepare other than by shedding all pre-conceptions. Pripyat and Chernobyl are among the most extraordinary places on earth, and this tour brings you to the heart of why. On the one hand, you get to learn a huge amount about life in the USSR, and speaking personally I relished having my prejudice and presumption vigorously challenged. On the other, you get to learn about the reactor and what actually happened on 26 April, 1986. The awe one feels in consequence for those men who threw themselves into the conflagration is humbling, and matched only by the rage one feels for how none of these genuine heroes is now remembered by name across the handful of monuments. Ukraine should be ashamed of itself. Ultimately, what lives with you is the wonder at Man’s hubris. The vast site is almost entirely empty – but only of people and birds. Nature is getting on just fine without us, and the effortless sweeping away of this once vast city can serve only to remind us all that we are only temporary occupiers of “our” planet. It’s reassuring to know that Man can do only so much damage; Gaia is in charge, and everyone should spend a couple of days being reminded of that fact in Pripyat before the buildings finally collapse, and with it the opportunity to visit. There is nothing else to compare with this experience. Share it with Alex Liudvikovskyi and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

AbendrothMinor Exeter, UK

Another awesome three days private Chernobyl tour with Igor

October 14, 2019

This was already the third time I booked a Chernobyl tour with Solo East Travel, this time together with two friends, for them it was the first Chernobyl tour. We booked again with Igor because I knew him already from the last tours and that he is a fantastic and experienced tour guide who knows everything in the exclusion zone. For all three of us it was a fantastic tour that complied completely to our wishes and interests. Igor had a very good concept to combine the wishes of my friends who saw the exclusion zone for the first time and at the same time to show new things to me that I still haven’t seen on other trips before. He responded to all our questions and wishes. Besides all the organization from Solo East Travel was completely perfect regarding pick up in Kiev at the hotel, hotel and food in Chernobyl and power plant visit, thanks also very much to Natalia for good organization and very friendly communication and always fast answers and also thanks to Viktor! My friends were very happy with this tour because they saw many interesting places and got a lot of historical information and for me it was another extreme exciting tour and adventure in the Chernobyl zone, so I could still see and learn more about this topic that I’m interested in since many years. Best greetings from Sandra, Patrick and Janni and see you again!!!

Janni15 Hamburg, Germany

Best Tour Company in Kiev

September 23, 2019

This was our second time in Kiev, our second time visiting Chernobyl and the second time we have booked with SoloEast. They have lovely, brand new executive vehicles, great itineraries and their staff are very knowledgeable and attentive. Our tour guide on this trip was Igor. He was amazing. Thanks Igor!

Gary R

Very informative

September 20, 2019

My dad and I visited in September mini bus was comfortable and driver a great driver (I am not the best passenger so this is a big plus from me) Diana our tour guide was lovely very thoughtful and full of information. Would definitely recommend solo east for anyone wanting to tour Chernobyl. I hope to return in the future and will definitely book with solo east again

jacquelined360 Cambuslang, United Kingdom

Daytrip to Chernobyl

September 14, 2019

We had a great trip in to Chernobyl with our guide Nazar. We were a group of 7 people who got an MB Vito alone. The car was clean and Nazar was a safe driver. Good lunch, but bring some extra food and drink, it’s a long but memorable day! Also want to thank Natalia for all the help ahead of the trip, very good service! Thanks for a great trip !!

stigmikkel Horten, Norway

Amazing tour

August 30, 2019

I’m so glad I went with Solo East for my Chernobyl tour – I was afraid it was going to be very touristy and that you’d get the feeling of being “herded around”, but this tour was amazing. The group was quite small and we didnt run into many other tour groups. Our guide, Diana, was so good; she was very flexible and made sure we saw everything we wanted to see, and told us enough information about all the places without making it boring. All in all – incredible experience!


Day Trip to Chernobyl

August 22, 2019

What an amazing time I had with SoloEast Travel. I was very happy with the whole experience I had with the tour company. Tanya was amazing and very knowledgeable with all the sites we were able to visit. She is very friendly and helpful with any questions we had, or if we wanted to stop for a picture as well. I would recommend going with Solo East Travel.

James S Toronto, Canada

Well-paced visit to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

August 4, 2019

Our family booked a tour with SoloEast and were glad we chose this tour operator, having read some recent press articles published in our home country. SoloEast will ensure your safety in the zone, which is important. Our tour guide was Alex and he was absolutely wonderful. His English was excellent and he engineered our day to suit the small group he was responsible for. We got to see more than we’d expected and the pace was perfect! Alex also has a personal connection with Chernobyl and knows his way around very well. Would definitely recommend him as a guide.

Lois M TripAdvisor member since 2007 From Rangiora, New Zealand

Excellent private Chernobyl Tour with Alex

July 15, 2019

My private tour to Chernobyl was excellent. My guide, Alex, was very professional, knowledgeable, and had good energy. Although the tour is more expensive than the group tour you get to see substantially more too. Alex sustained a good pace the entire day while at the same time ensuring we spent the right amount of time at the various sights. He thoroughly explained Chernobyl’s past and present as well as possibilities for the future. I highly recommend Alex and SoloEast private Chernobyl tour.


Group tour booked last minute

June 25, 2019

Professional and well organized tour. We we’re lucky to have Tanya as a guide as she is enthusiastic, helpful and has a great sense of humor. One of the group members changed into shorts while still inside the exclusion zone, which is forbidden, and she did a great job taking care of the situation in a hurry. Recommended tour.

Brian M Vancouver, Canada

Chernobyl Tour from Kyiv with Tanya

June 23, 2019

Outstanding tour, expertly guided by our knowledgeable guide Tanya. The transportation was very comfortable, with an informative documentary on route to the exclusion zone. Tanya was friendly and full of information, she was on hand to answer any questions from the group. I would highly recommend this trip.

Kris B Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Chernobyl Tour from Kiev

May 28, 2019

Our guide Tania was knowledgeable, professional, and wonderful. The tour was arranged in order to maximise the amount of time visiting Pripyat and learning about the events leading up to the disaster in 1986. Tania made the trip that much more engaging and interesting. Other key stops include Zalissya, another abandoned town, just outside the new sarcophagus over the reactor, and Chernobyl-2 where the Duga radar installation is. Definitely recommend this tour for anyone interested in Chernobyl. Pickup and drop-off location is very convenient from Maidan Nezalezhnosti, expect to be back in Kiev around 19:00. Date of experience: May 2019

Anton W Send Message TripAdvisor member since 2007 From Calgary, Canada

Excellent trip

May 22, 2019

The trip was perfectly organized, reservation process was impeccable, answers to emails were received the same day. Our tour guide Oleg did a great job – he is a bright lad who is always willing to help and walk the extra mile. I can definitely recommend the trip and SoloEast Travel as an agency.

Goran Doc_Holiday_111

Fascinating and interesting tour - great organization

May 13, 2019

We booked a private tour for four guest with SoloEast and we absolutely loved it. The travel manager Natalia is very responsive. Organizing the tour with her was easy. Our tour guide Diana was knowledgeable and fun to be with. She did a great job avoiding the larger crowds and was able show us some amazing hidden places. It was an unforgettable day for all of us.

thomas_o_steiner New York City, New York

Incredibly interesting tour with fantastic guide

May 8, 2019

I would highly recommend the private tour (we did it with 4 people) with SoloEast and would ask for Nazar as your tour guide, he was fantastic. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and the disaster and was able to answer all of our questions (we had a lot being a bunch of science nerds). It’s a long day but they serve you a good lunch and the van we had was very comfortable and Nazar stopped whenever we need so that was great. You also see a lot and it’s nice to be with a small group to really learn about the area and the impact of the disaster on the Ukraine.

Suzanne L Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chernobyl and surroundings

April 27, 2019

Just got more than I have expected with this tour. It was worth every penny. Our tour guide Pasha was an amazing guide and driver. He was pretty keen to explain all the detail of the Chernobyl disaster, how it affected nature, people lives and what they have learnt from the disaster. In fact, there were things that were included in this tour that I wasn’t expecting. I would give a 5 stars to this tour. I truly recommend it

SergioSandes London, England, United Kingdom

SoloEast and Igor were wonderful!

April 16, 2019

We just finished our second five day tour of the zone with SoloEast. Our guide Igor was absolutely fantastic! He showed us a lot of sites and things you could never fit into a one or two day tour. Igor was an amazing guide! He is extremely knowledgeable about the fine details surrounding Chernobyl, and definitely taught me some things I didn’t know, and I have studied all things Chernobyl for over a decade. He has great English, as well as an awesome personality and sense of humor. We shared a lot of laughs on this trip. If you are interested in visiting the zone, contact SoloEast and request Igor to be your guide. I also recommend doing a multi-day private tour and going off the beaten path – you will NOT be disappointed. Igor, дуже дяакую from us both, you are not just a guide but someone we both consider a friend. Pet Stalker Dog for us. =)

d3molitionxlov3rs San Diego, Califo

Amazing Day Trip with Tania

March 22, 2019

Recently took the day trip from Kiev to Chernobyl. Booking and payment with SoloEast was easy, and everything ran on time. Our guide Tania was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, and she allowed us to see so much without feeling rushed throughout our day. Very pleased that I chose SoloEast for our Chernobyl trip.

SteveSchlessinger Jacksonville, Florida

One of the best tours I've taken!

March 22, 2019

I had a tour with Anastasia earlier today and hands down it was amazing. The whole experience was 5 stars! From the moment you make your reservation the amount of information you get provided keeps you on the loop and makes you feel super secure. Everything on the day ran perfectly, the bus they use to take you to the exclusion zone is very modern comfortable and clean, throughout the journey you get shown a couple of documentaries and once there the tour takes you to so many different places! All in all it was an action packed day and I would 100% recommend booking this tour with SoloEast. Anastasia was an incredible guide, super knowledgeable and fun!


Chernobyl Day Trip - SoloEast Travel

March 14, 2019

My boyfriend and I had a fantastic day, celebrating my birthday in Chernobyl! Tania was our guide and she spoke excellent English, she was very polite and very approachable throughout – she also answered all of our questions during the tour in a delightful manner and wasn’t bothered by the amount of questions asked. She was very knowledgable about the areas that we visited and went into great detail about the history of all the events and the sites we were shown. Tania was very trusting in our group and allowed us to explore many sites around the exclusion zone, including the famous amusement park and swimming pool! It was also very interesting to be shown photos of areas before the disaster, to be able to compare the two, and we were even shown certain hot spots of radiation throughout the trip. We were also thoroughly briefed about check out points etc which really helped us understand what was going on as we could imagine it being a bit confusing and scary when not knowing what was going on! We went on a recommendation of my partners parents who went with SoloEast a few years ago and with high expectations, they didn’t disappoint. I would definitely recommend SoloEast as a company in general and can guarantee you’ll have a great tour with Tania!


Chernobyl tour with SoloEast!

February 22, 2019

Had a fantastic time with SoloEast tours to Chernobyl today! Our guide Tania Was fantastic! Answered all of our questions, gave us lots of time for bathroom breaks and looking around on our own, and she showed us extra sites when time permitted. Lunch was excellent and all times were met with departure and arrival. Will continue to recommend SoloEast tours again and thank you again Tania!


Chernobyl - SoloEast Travel

February 12, 2019

The Chernobyl trip with SoloEast Travel was excellent. It is most definitely recommended. The tour guide Tanya was very knowledgable and answered all questions. Once in a lifetime experience! Thank you!

Thomas C

Great job komandir koleha Igor and SoloEast - many Thanks!

February 6, 2019

We were the group of friends who decided to visit Chernobyl with Solo East Chernobyl Private Tour from Kiev and it was very good decision. Everyone of us was really pleased with visiting this place and with the tour itself. My overall impression about SoloEast – everythig was very proffesional since the very begining. Starting from contact with the office – responses were very prompt and accurate, thru making reservation/payment process and tour organization. I can say only good words about this company. When it comes to our tour guide on the tour day this was Igor – our komandir i koleha;) Very engaged, positive and proffesional person. He showed us really cool iconic places and described each one in a very interesting way. He shared big portion of history with us and make our tour really cool that we spent in a good atmosphere. My personal experience about Chernobyl and surounding area – before visiting this place I was wondering how does it look in real. I saw some movies earlier but to be there and see all of this turned out to be really valuable experience. From my perspective I can recommend visiting Charnobyl with Solo East. Good job komandir koleha Igor and SoloEast – many Thanks!


Birthday visit

February 1, 2019

Great day. Driver very knowlegble and happy to answer the questions we asked. Lunch was very good. Would recc this company, quick booking and answered my emails quickely. Thank you for a great birthday trip. Emma

singlefemale1979 Stafford, United Kingdom

Amazing experience!

January 29, 2019

It was an amazing tour! Our guide Tanya was excellent. She explain everything so good and also she answered all the questions we had. (Although we didn’t speak too much hahaha). She was all the time looking for our safety and our confort. The food was also good, I liked very much. I have to say that bought the tour with a spanish audio guide, but when I arrive I decided not to use it, and I thought it was a good decision because for my surprise her english accent was perfect!! I recommend everyone to do this tour and hope you have her as your guide because she was great!

carmenlopezroberts Madrid, Spain

Totally cool trip 🙂

January 18, 2019

I went on the tour on my birthday and it was definitely one to remember! Our English speaking guide Anastasia was very knowledgable and even gave us a book to keep about the history of Chernobyl with photos and stuff which was pretty cool. The mini bus was at the meeting point in Kiev 10 minutes early and our driver I think his name was Alex, did a really good job of driving us round safely on the icy roads all day. We watched some documentaries on the drive there, and after stopping to visit a ghost village we stopped for lunch in Chernobyl town. The food was nice and filling for the long day in the cold weather. My favourite part of the tour was visiting the abandoned town of Pripyat walking around the old school, gym, and swimming pool and looking at stuff that was left behind was really interesting ! It was an amazing experience altogether and the snowy forest looked beautiful even if it is radioactive ! I got loads of great photos, thanks for an awesome day 🙂

mikew8235 New Forest National Park Hampshire, United Kingdom