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November' 2020
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Two-day Chernobyl Tour

Brief introduction

Normally, one group in a two-days Chernobyl Trip is limited to 12 persons. There is a good reason behind this limit. A smaller group is much more flexible in its itinerary. In addition, a guide can easily adopt to the interests of different members of the group.If you cannot find the desirable date, or if you wish to book a private tour, we can help you. All inclusive Two-day Group tour.


than a tour of the reactor site, SoloEast can assist you with professional development programs, tertiary level education modules or special interest programs to whatever standard and with whatever content you require. We can work within your time frame and your budget.


with accommodation in Chernobyl's hostel or in our Countryside cottage "Chernobyl Hotel".


⚫  7:45 a.m. - Meeting at the Independence Square near McDonald's
⚫  8:00 a.m. - Our minibus leaves for Chernobyl
⚫  9:00 a.m. - Coffee break at a gas station
⚫  10:00 a.m. - Arriving at the checkpoint Dityatki at 10:00 a.m. (the earliest possible when the gate opens for visitors!)
⚫  The first Day in the Zone includes:
⚫  The village Zalissya
⚫  The Main square of the town of Chernobyl
⚫  "Fukushima" memorial
⚫  Statue to Lenin
⚫  The only active church in the zone
⚫  Abandoned Synagogue
⚫  Dock
⚫  Local shop
⚫  Monument to the Firefighters
⚫  Exposition of the remotely operated machines
⚫  Hills of the buried village Kopachi
⚫  Rustic Kindergarten
⚫  Panoramic angle of NPP
⚫  An existing sarcophagus
⚫  Construction site of the new sarcophagus
⚫  Stone road sign of Prypiat
⚫  Bridge of Death
⚫  Lenin Street
⚫  The main square of Prypiat
⚫  Supermarket
⚫  Amusement Park
⚫  School# 3 (with gasmasks)
⚫  Swimming pool
On the second day we explore:
⚫  Duga 3 (so-called "Russian Woodpecker", military over the horizon radar and it`s base named "Chernobyl 2")
⚫  Barrack
⚫  Cooling towers on the side of the unfinished reactors 5 and 6
⚫  Fish farm
⚫  "Red Forest"
⚫  Panel buildings with Soviet emblems
⚫  Palace of Culture
⚫  "Jupiter" factory
⚫  The ruins of the School #1
⚫  Morgue
⚫  Hospital
⚫  Pripyat passenger boats River Port
⚫  Cinema "Prometheus"
⚫  Music School
⚫  Athletic stadium
⚫  Laboratory in the former kindergarten
⚫  Greenhouses
⚫  Abandoned checkpoint
⚫  Garages
⚫  Contaminated ladle
⚫  Tree of Friendship
⚫  Bus Station
⚫  Visit self-settlers
⚫  The options for the overnight stay:
Tourist hotel "Rektan" in Chernobyl town, Soviet style hotel "Pripyat" or Luxury cottage in Orane (at the doorstep to the zone)

THE COST PER PERSON All inclusive Two-day Group tour.

Accommodation Price
Twin share $ 299.00 SE
Single supplement $ 339.00 SE
Orane Cottage $ 349.00 SE

• To book Private Maxi Tour (lasts 12 hours), extended - Three, Four or Five-day tour; • To book a tour that starts from your door step in your country (including air, transfers and accommodation); • Media representatives seeking for an assistance to preform their duties inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone; • If you would like more than a tour of the reactor site and require help with professional development programs -

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Countryside cottage "Chernobyl Hotel".



We offer


SoloEast is the first travel agency to start regular trips to Chernobyl Zone in 1999. The way the tours are run now is a result of our 17-year history of developing the project, negotiating and persuading the government institutions to bring them to the level where the comfort for the visitors and accessibility to the major sites don’t conflict with the safety and security regulations. In spite the fact that some companies and individuals simply copied our tours, in 2016 we handled more then 70% of all English language tours to the Exclusion Zone in a professional and reliable manner. We work with many travel agencies, hotels and hostels. Regardless if you deal directly with us or if you book a tour through our partners - you can expect the same great service. We are the only operator to Chernobyl to use own (not rented) comfortable and modern air-conditioned minibuses Mercedes Sprinter and Ford. Our drivers speak English and they are instructed to drive our passengers safely. Every seat is equipped with a seatbelt. We depart from the downtown of Kiev in a walking distance from the major hotels.

SoloEast Travel is an incoming tour operator. To provide travel services to tourists from abroad it is a law in Ukraine that a company has a travel license. A tour operator in Ukraine has an insurance coverage of Euro 20,000 for unforeseen circumstances. A travel company's staff is trained to assist foreigners in Ukraine and they know what to do if there is a problem - be it a sickness, stolen documents or any legal issue where you may require a manager who can liaison in your favor with local government. Solowest is our fully registered Canadian branch licensed by Travel Industry Council of Ontario. It provides our clients with safe and reliable merchant tools including PayPal which is not avaialable to Ukrainian business yet.

The tour is 100% safe. You have to follow very simple rules you sign upon entering the Exclusion Zone. The most important things to remember are to watch your steps and follow your guide’s instructions. It's unsafe to leave the group and wonder on your own in the places you're unfamiliar with. If you find walking to intense you can always tell the guide and rest in or near the transportation provided. Please watch this video for the detailed information.


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